Scratch and Dent are the UK's leading re-marketers of nearly new damaged vehicles. We re-market vehicles on behalf of the UK's major rental and leasing companies.

Our sales take place every week whereby the Registered Buyer can view the vehicles and submit their closed bids online by 1pm on the Wednesday (Closing day) Onsite viewing is available Monday,Tuesday 8am to 4pm and Wednesday 8am to 1pm.

We do not hold title to the vehicles that are offered for sale. They are all the sole property of our customers. Each buyer has a unique login to the website without this they are unable to view or bid on the vehicles.

To become a Registered Buyer click here - 'Register', alternatively please contact us - 'Contact us'

We are always very interested to speak to New Buyers and Vendors please do not hesitate to contact us.

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News Items

25/04/2016 Re-entries from Sale 1616 RE-ENTRIES FROM SALE 1616 SALE 1616 REJECTED SALE 1716 LOT NO. LOT NO. BED-014 DP65YZM 9811 BED-058 BED-030 FA64AXY 8211 BED-052 BED-033 DU65JXN 4084 BED-050 BED-049 DU65J
22/04/2016 Health & Safety Hello Everyone Please be advised due to Health & Safety issues all vehicles with Front & Rear damage will now have the Battery disconnected. Kind regards Julie
08/01/2016 Admin Fee Charges Hello All Buyers Please be advised that from the 1st February 2016 admin fees will be increased as follows : 1 - 3 vehicles purchased in one Sale = £140.00 + VAT 4 + vehicles purchased in one sale = £120.00 + VAT This means any vehicles p
20/01/2014 Hudson Kapel Bank Details Hello All Please can you ensure you change our Bank details to the following: Lloyds TSB Sort Code – 30-99-26 Account Number - 14481768 Please note any payments now made to account 00580690 will be rejected. This is no longer a viable ba